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Bharateeya Blog Mela – Diwali Edition

It’s finally here!! … Fresh off the press!! … Aaj ki taaza khabar!!

The Diwali edition of Bharateeya Blog Mela is here!!

First things first. This Mela should’ve gone up yesterday. Things got really busy here and as much as I tried to post it, I missed the deadline. What can I say!! … I’m sorry!! (I believe that’s how people say sorry these days!)

Secondly… Before I launch into the Mela, let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY DIWALI!!

Finally… this being the festive season, I have kept my editorial scissors in their box. All the nominations that I’ve received, have found a place on the Mela. Cool, eh?!

And before you start wondering if I’m ever gonna present the Mela… here it comes… the best of the best from the Indian Blogosphere!!

Festival of lightsBharateeya Blog Mela  -  Diwali editionFestival of lights

» It being Diwali, lets start off with a poem on Deepawali, from Jitendra Chaudhary’s blog. I loved these lines from the poem, “roshni toh mujhe sadak par lagey / sarkari lamp-post se bhi mil jaati hai / yeh deepak toh ashadeep hain jo asha ki kiraney failaata hain.

» Yazad visits Kolkata (Calcutta) for the Liberty Art and Culture Seminar and is struck by how it has changed since his last visit. Check out his impressions of the City of Joy in O Calcutta!

» In Printing the future, Amol is impressed by Epson’s innovative technique of electronically printing circuit boards. Future’s already here, folks!

» MadMan is amazed by the alacrity shown by Bangloreans in Waiting for food, even though it’s just McDonald’s that they’re drooling over! Well, I do remember a similar craze for McDonald’s when it had opened it’s outlets in Mumbai, a few years back.

» Shanti posts some very interesting information about Adam’s Bridge, an ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka. So, if you want to know More about Adam’s Bridge, check it out at once!

» Amardeep is intrigued by Pakistan government’s ban on food at weddings. He seems to agree that the trend of lavish spending on weddings, a South Asian obsession, should be curbed, but feels that banning food altogether is a ‘parody of totalitarian thinking‘. Check it out… No wedding food for you! And: the Freedom to be Frivolous.

» Jagadish points out that Indian farmers are using carbonated drinks as pesticides. Well… who can blame them?!

» Sandeep makes a point about Europe still being ignorant about the clear and present danger that Islamic fundamentalism represents today. He takes up the case of the murdered Dutch film-maker to exhort Europe to Wake up and smell the coffee!

» Kautilya applauds as the Congress Party offers VRS to its members, but realises the futility of this step because the politicians are not going to make it a success, given their reluctance to retire!

» A large part of the western world seems to be Worried that all jobs will be outsourced to cheaper destinations like India. Ashish posts Jane Galt’s justification that Indians keep going to the US to replace Americans because America makes things that are worth buying.

» It’s Ashish once again as he speaks about the link between Terrorism and the lack of freedom. Lesser the freedom, higher the terrorism!

» Pankaj Narula wonders about the question, “क्या देह ही है सब कुछ” (Is the body all that matters?). He wonders if people would be as obsesses with the body if we lived on a planet where clothes were not needed at all!

» The first of the two photo-posts in this week’s Mela is by Atul Arora. He posts the breathtaking views from atop the Hawk Mountain in हाक माउन्टेन की विहंगम दृश्यावली (A panoramic view of Hawk Mountain).

» The first edition of Anugunj, an excellent initiative… a Mela of sorts, of Hindi posts on a particular subject, goes live on Akshargram with ‘सधन्यवाद बधाईयाँ!!‘. It’s a collection of Hindi posts on whether the body is all that matters.

» In ‘जालघर के अँग्रेज़ी -हिंदी शब्दकोश‘ Ravi Shrivastava compiles a list of some excellent resources for English-Hindi dictionaries.

» Ninad Pandit’s photo-post, Mathura of the Cows, is apparently a scene from Mathura railway station where cows seem to have a free access.

» Chandrashekhar Bhosle’s Ode to Spare Parts is all about the gastronomical delights that are lined up on Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai during the month of Ramzan. Being a foodie, I just had to feature this post in the Mela even though it’s dated 12th November… a day beyond this Mela’s limits! Ohh… by the way, this post features Yazad sinking his teeth into some delicacies!!

» While we’re on the subject of good food, what better than a recipe from the master chef! MadMan gives us tips on How to make great fried rice on Chef’s Notes. Yummy!!

And on that epicurean note, we come to the end of the Diwali edition of Bharateeya Blog Mela! I hope you all had as much pleasure going through the excellent posts featured here, as I had in compiling and presenting them to you!! And don’t forget to send in your nominations to Patrix, who’s hosting the next edition of the Blog Mela. :-)

And on a personal note, I take this opportunity to announce a brief hiatus as I get ready to fly back to good ‘ol Mumbai (Bombay, if you’re so inclined) in a week’s time. Au revoir, folks!


1 Dancing with Dogs { 11.12.04 at 8:04 PM }

Blog Mela nominations
Send yours to Patrix who will be hosting the Mela next week – Nerve Endings Firing Away: Hiatus and a Mela. Have a happy Diwali!!! I actually wore a saree to work in a crazy effort to be festive :) Oh, don’t forget to check out the Deepavali vers…

2 Jitendra Chaudhary { 11.13.04 at 7:51 PM }

Thanks Opti-mystic, for including my hindi blog for this blog mela.

I wish all my friends and readers of these blogs,a very very Happy Diwali.

3 towards fat architecture { 11.14.04 at 7:56 AM }

Featured Post!
The Mathura Railway Station post of this blog has been featured in the Bharatiya Blog Mela Diwali Edition of Opti Mystic! Thanks Ateya for the nomination! Also thanks Opti Mystic for featuring ALL nominations (he he).

4 Sepia Mutiny { 11.15.04 at 6:16 AM }

Bharateeya Blog Mela
Given the desi focus of this blog, it’s a surprise we haven’t pointed readers @ the Blog Mela’s on the net. Well, here it is -…

5 Texan Thucydides { 11.15.04 at 6:52 AM }

Blog Mela Update
The Opti Mystic is hosting this week’s Diwali edition of Blog Mela (roundup of Indian Hindi language weblogs). There’s some interesting stuff in there, worth checking out. I’m scheduled to start learning Hindi in about 6 weeks, and hopefully

6 MadMan { 11.15.04 at 8:12 AM }

Enjoy the Instalanche, Sameer. :)

7 Atul Arora { 11.15.04 at 3:15 PM }

First of all thanks for hosting the mela. I also have one question (it is not a protest, just a question). Photo post of Mathura cows(http://fatarchitecture.blogspot.com/2004/11/mathura-of-cows.html) is a digital gimmick. All the cows are copied and pasted on the platform pictures (if my eyes are not deceiving). So is this just fun? Sometimes I also do the same trick, but this one is painting a bad picture deliberately. I totally agree that cows (and a lot of other animals) seems to have free access anywhere on Indian roads, it is bad, fatal and a worth raising issue among forums. I would have opposed strongly to this post, if a foreigner posted it, because it the icture is false. However I can’t understand the intention of Mr Ninad Pandit.

Also please forgive me in advance for any hard feelings.

8 Anup Shukla { 11.16.04 at 2:27 AM }

Panditji,tell something about the fact of gimmick.

9 towards fat architecture { 11.16.04 at 7:22 AM }

Well well.
As this commenting doesn’t support html links, i had to post a response on my blog. Please visit it for my side of the argument.

10 Jitendra Chaudhary { 11.16.04 at 9:26 AM }

मथुरा की गाय वाले लेख पर कुछ कहना है

का हो पन्डितजी,
हमरे मथुरा मे इत्ते हरे हरे रेलवा की पटिरिया नाही होती….का है इ सब?
और तनिक बताया जाय कि इ डेनमार्क की गइया इहा का कर रही है?

हमरी गइया मइया एसन नही दिखती

11 Yazad { 11.16.04 at 1:10 PM }

Heya, do shout when you get to amchi-Mumbai and we could perhaps have a Bombay Blog Bash!

12 Jitendra Chaudhary { 11.16.04 at 1:12 PM }

Mr Pandit…

u agree or disagree, but i can prove that the image shown on your blog is fake….Why?

1) All cows are ditto same , only sizes are different… Can u find two similar cows at one place?
2) Railway Track is Quite green, just like Astroturf…u may say this could be a mansoon time….but just have a look at Tree behind padestrian bridge? there are no signs of greenery. It indicates bout some other season.
3) Even in mansoon time, u would not find such greenery in Rly Stn’s tracks at Mathura.

What do u say now?

13 ninad pandit { 11.16.04 at 3:10 PM }

I wonder if Anyone even glanced through the weblinks that i had provided on my blog. Maybe going to my blog was too painful, so i am just posting the same one here again.
I thought it solved all the questions of Astroturf or the ‘hari patriyaan’. Funny thing is, I have never said that it is ‘real’, it is ‘as real’ as any other representation.
Well well. the action on the Bharatiya Blog Mela seems to be hotting up, with Atul Arora actually calling my Mathura post a digital gimmick and therefore “false”. The idea of any photograph being “true”/”real” or “false” belongs to a really old debate that has changed the way we have created, understood and critiqued art in the first place (or at least for a long time now). An extremely simplified verion of this history can be found here

One of the most important texts ever written about Photgraphy, and reality (or lack thereof) in it is Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes. I wish I could read out parts of it to you, but this will have to do: Wikipedia & Amazon. This should take care of the ‘unreal’ or ‘false’ nature of my image.

The idea of my image itself is a bit more difficult to explain, but the simplest argument would perhaps be, i saw something and made this image. If you could believe me, it is as ‘true’ a representation of what i saw as any ‘real photograph’. Incidentally, i don’t really have too many problems with the large number of cows and other such cattle that proliferate in our lives in India. But I did love the way the railway employee justified the existence of those cows.

I would like to know what you think about Art, and Digital Art though, Atul.

14 ninad pandit { 11.16.04 at 3:22 PM }

I wonder if anyone read the links i had given in my post. I thought it answered all questions of Astroturf and hari patriyaan and the multiple-copy cows. in the meantime, i shall look for simpler ways to explain this to you.

15 Winds of Change.NET { 11.26.04 at 4:12 AM }

Robi & Nitin’s Subcontinent Survey: 2004-11-26
The Kashmir Potboiler; What Condoleezza Rice means to South Asia; India adopts Bush strategies in tackling terror; Pakistan makes some important decisions; Bangladesh and refugees; Shifting Alliances; Looking for good South Asian blogs?

16 Winds of Change.NET { 11.26.04 at 5:02 AM }

Robi & Nitin’s Subcontinent Survey: 2004-11-26
The Kashmir Potboiler; What Condoleezza Rice means to South Asia; India adopts Bush strategies in tackling terror; Pakistan makes some important decisions; Bangladesh and refugees; Shifting Alliances; Looking for good South Asian blogs?

17 Winds of Change.NET { 11.26.04 at 6:41 PM }

Robi & Nitin’s Subcontinent Survey: 2004-11-26
The Kashmir Potboiler; What Condoleezza Rice means to South Asia; India adopts Bush strategies in tackling terror; Pakistan makes some important decisions; Bangladesh and refugees; Shifting Alliances; Looking for good South Asian blogs?

18 Nagraj { 11.27.04 at 9:24 PM }

Super Blog !!!!! One of the best South Asian blogs I have seen

My blog : http://www.nagraj.com

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