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The Makeover

The next few days will see this blog undergo a major upgrade as it undergoes a complete overhaul. I just came back from Bhootkannadi where Ashwin has done precisely this. I have in mind the following points to act upon:
1. With WordPress 1.5 released, the innards of this blog will be updated to run the feature-rich version of WordPress
2. The look and feel will also get a makeover with the Kubrick template that comes as a default with WP 1.5
3. I also want to get down to building a customized 404 page and
4. There’s also the task of putting up an ‘About’ and Disclaimer pages.

So here we go…


1 Ayesha { 02.22.05 at 5:58 PM }

Mr President, am in your town, Ashu has my numbers, let me know if we can catch up. Am free all day friday, and sat am off…let me know.

2 shodZ { 02.22.05 at 8:11 PM }

yo man, u might also wanna inKlude a noo-cache command on ur page so taht browZers aint cache the page.

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